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Earlier this year it was brought to our notice that, Pearson India, subsidiary of Pearson LLC, the world’s largest education company, had copied verbatim outputs generated using our patent pending product Kaleido™. They had removed the “Confidential not for Circulation” mark on our outputs and added a Pearson logo instead. Not only this, Pearson was even misleading educators, the media and the public in general by claiming that these were outputs from one of its products (Images of our outputs and the Pearson copy as above).

We were disturbed at the gross misuse of our hard work and innovation and decided to seek the intervention of the courts to stop this blatant plagiarism.

We are happy to report that in a significant interim order the Court has upheld our plea and ordered Pearson to stop using or referring to any outputs from Kaleido or from infringing on our intellectual property in any way. In the order the judge stated “it is well founded from the record that the defendant [Pearson] encroached upon the copyright of the plaintiff [New Rubric] which amounts to infringement within the meaning of Sec.51 of the Act. If the defendant is allowed to continue its acts, the plaintiff will be put to inconvenience and hardship.”

What makes this case even more disconcerting is that the party responsible for this shocking behaviour is a global leader in education, with a vocal public stand against plagiarism of any kind and a moral duty to adhere to higher standards.

New Rubric is a small organization, founded and managed by a group of highly educated and qualified professionals who gave up successful corporate careers to pursue their dream of helping students and educators improve learning. We invested multiple man years of research and innovation to design Kaleido™ to help us partner with progressive institutions and realise our dream. It was not an easy decision for us to take on a global giant with the size and resources of Pearson, but we felt compelled not to allow them to get away with their unethical and illegal actions no matter what the cost.

The story has been covered in the media

Economic Times – “City Court Stops Pearson’s Indian Arm from Infringing on New Rubric’s IP Rights”.

Medianama         – “Bangalore court tells Pearson Education not to copy New Rubric’s IP”

VC Circle              – “Court asks Pearson’s Indian arm to stop infringing on Bangalore startup’s IP rights

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  1. roopa srinivasan
    roopa srinivasan says:

    Dear Sir,
    It was shocking to observe,the tactics of Pearson’s sneaking into the domain of New Rubric.If this is their work culture,then what are they heading towards and what shall they lead on with ?
    Dismayed and shocked,
    I remain your sincere well wisher,
    Wishing you long successful journey,
    Sincerely Yours,
    Roopa Srinivasan


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