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Report cards – What Do They Really Tell You?

Most of the communication between a school and parents revolves around report cards. Teachers put in a lot of effort to conduct exams, correct the papers, collate marks, assign grades and put together the report cards. Parents eagerly look forward to the report card, but looking at it, there often seem to be more questions […]

A Game of “Spot Where You Are”: Teach your little explorer how to make maps and read them

This article is a part of our “Fun Learning Activities” series, in which we present some awesome activity ideas you can use to keep your children engaged, while teaching them relevant skills. If you like this activity, please share with your friends. In a nutshell:You and your little explorer will explore the house, mapping different […]

Get More Out of Your Assessments!

Assessments, tests, quizzes – whatever be the name they go by in a school – are generally not positive experiences for anyone. Not for the teachers, not for the parents and certainly not for the students. To start with, they are a lot of work. Teachers prepare the assessments, conduct them, evaluate them, tabulate the […]