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Moving from 70 % to 90% – What we can learn from sport

For many students, moving from average to excellent academic performance can be tough. In sport, trainers and coaches use focused guidance and practice as a way to help their wards improve.  The same principles can be used to help students improve in academics. The challenge The teacher has just handed back the test to Rita. […]

Can you draw the solar system to scale?

Look at the image. It’s something that we’re all familiar with, an image of our solar system. Do you think it is accurate? Actually, it is not. In fact, most of us do not even have a good idea of the relative distances in the solar system. For example, contrary to our imagination that Neptune is […]

Analytical Thinking – Starting Them Young

You Serious? Primary School Children Learning To Think Analytically! The question might sound strange. We associate primary school with a lot of different things and analytical thinking isn’t usually one of them. That’s for later in life, some would say. We beg to differ. So, What Is Analytical Thinking? The Webster’s dictionary defines analysis as […]