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New Rubric is an organization focused on personalising education and delivering better results to learners in schools, colleges, test prep centres or companies. In short – anyone learning anything.

What we do


The Context

Say you’ve taken a test. “You’ve scored 70%.” What does that really tell you? Does it tell you what you are good at? Not really. Does it tell you how to get to 90 percent? No, it doesn’t. Some might say, “What’s there to tell, you just need to study harder!” Sage advice, but is that all there is to it?

Our Take On It

At New Rubric, we believe that better results come from learning smarter, not just studying harder.Sounds good! But what does that really mean?

It means knowing where to focus your efforts. It means learning how to make the most of your strengths. It means going beyond mere labels, like “Arun is good at Math” or “Sheetal is a great communicator”, and understanding the skills needed to do well in a field, not only the subjects at school. It means getting personalized guidance every time you take a test. And most importantly, it means getting advice which is more specific than “study harder”.

How We Do It

To begin with, we help learners with activities and assessments that focus on relevant learning goals. For a child in kindergarten, this could mean being able to count to 10; for an MBA aspirant, being able to spot grammatical errors in sentences. Whatever your learning goal, we help you access the right kind of resources

Then, we analyse your performance and give you specific recommendations like telling you to practice counting from 6 to 10 or to review adjective placement. But that’s not all. We maintain a history of your performance, continuously monitor various aspects of your learning and connect the dots. This helps us know, for example, that you do better when working with pictures or that you do better at grammar when you take it early on in the test. We use such insights to deliver personalised recommendations that help you get better results. We could go on, but you get the picture.

Why Us?


We could tell you that our platform is patent pending, that our solutions are much more than the shiny new technology they run on, or that they are based on some of the best thinking in learning, pedagogy and assessment. But that’s not what we really like to talk about. What we are really proud of are the wonderful things our customers have to say about our solutions. Do check out our testimonials page.

Meet the Team


New Rubric is founded and managed by alumni of the Indian Institutes of Management. We are a team of seasoned professionals, who have global experience with top tier firms including the Tatas, Infosys, Fidelity and SAP labs. We combine a passion for learning with more than 50 person years of experience in Education, Analytics, Technology and Management.

Anurag Dwivedi

Anurag Dwivedi

Founder & CEO

Anurag believes that a balanced mix of academic and life skills can help students realize their dreams

Prior Life : 16 years in Management Consulting, Alumnus of IIM Calcutta

Krithika Muthukrishnan

Krithika Muthukrishnan

Co-Founder and Head of Sales & Marketing

Krithika believes that we can change the way children learn and focus on understanding rather than memorization

Prior Life : 15 years of Marketing for Fidelity and Infosys across the globe, Alumnus of IIM Calcutta

Pradeep Kumar Warrier

Pradeep Kumar Warrier

Head Technical Development

Pradeep is enthused by the idea of using technology in different ways to make a difference in education

Prior Life: 12 years of product development in Mobility and on- demand with SAP Labs and Mindtree; Alumnus of IIM Bangalore



Head Content and Product Management

Venu is passionate about Early Childhood Education and believes that greater exposure to different types of learning situations is vital for children.

Prior Life : 10 years in Education and Management Consulting; Alumnus of IIM Bangalore

Garima Bansal

Garima Bansal

Head - South East Asia Sales

Garima believes that holistic development of the child is key to success in the future and hence important to have tools which help a child to bloom on multiple aspects.

Prior Life: 15 years in Citibank across multiple roles in sales, product and strategy.

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